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Adriënne is Healthcare Director based in Rotterdam with 10+ years of experience in international healthcare market research. Her experience spans qualitative and quantitative techniques, with a deep knowledge of many indications areas. Adrienne has a talent for simplifying complex healthcare topics and translating that into actionable insights for healthcare companies. She holds a Master of Science degree in International Business Communication.
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Why it’s time to get emotional about the patient journey

By Adriënne Hoevers – den Hollander on September 10, 2018

Analyze patient needs to maximize your impact on treatment success

Emotions affect our behavior, what we do and how we do it. In the same way, as patients grow more influential, their emotions also affect decisions about their care and satisfaction with treatment. Yet patient research shows, particularly in the case of chronic conditions, that many of their emotional needs remain unmet. Frustration with progress, stress from the burden of taking more medication, or a sense of isolation are common, making them less likely to commit to their treatment or gain the maximum benefit. All of which could be bad news for your brand.

The good news is a new, holistic approach to decision mapping. We recommend a framework that recognizes the importance of patient emotions. One that moves beyond the clinical treatment path to the states they themselves have defined through the lens of their own needs. Here we explain patient’s various emotional states and offer practical tips on how to enable healthcare professionals to support patient needs. 

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