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Bill Salokar is a VP, Client Solutions. He uses his statistics, research and business experiences to build client relationships and ensure SKIM solutions meet our clients’ needs. Bill is based in Atlanta.
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The unique approach a charcoal brand used to fire up tasty claims

By Bill Salokar on May 07, 2019

Launching a premium product means convincing consumers to trade up, without driving them to the competition.

This is the exact challenge faced by the Global Insights Manager at a best-selling charcoal brand as she prepared to launch two new premium products.

The brand offers various charcoal products and sauces which have been synonymous with American BBQs for decades. As consumer grilling tastes have evolved, the brand recognized there were unmet needs among the most enthusiastic grilling aficionados. The result was the development of new premium products. However, this innovation posed its own set of marketing challenges. The original product remained popular; the brand couldn’t risk putting claims on the premium packaging that would negatively impact its baseline product.

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