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Christina leads the U.S. regional business and innovation solutions at SKIM. She’s responsible for the overall business performance of the U.S. region, as well as SKIM’s solutions for clients’ innovation and product development needs. Prior to joining SKIM she held senior global analytics roles with PR agency FleishmanHillard and The Coca-Cola Company. She has 20+ years of marketing research, insights and consulting experiences and consults with clients on a wide range of business and marketing-related topics (e.g. brand equity, customer satisfaction, customer lifetime value, consumer decision pathway, etc.) across various industry sectors.
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Introducing the Habitual-Deliberate Loop of consumer decision behavior

By Christina Liao on November 26, 2018

How a new view on the purchase decision spectrum can drive better market research outcomes

I recently got in a taxi cab with a few colleagues and we were so engaged in conversation that we didn’t realize we weren’t moving until the driver asked: “So, where are you headed?” As heavy Uber customers, all of us were in the habit of not specifying a destination verbally since the app conveys all the pertinent details to the driver. We assumed that upon entering the car, the driver should know where to go!

On that taxi ride, we reflected how consumer behavior, and our habits, changed so drastically in a few short years thanks to new technology. Uber disrupted consumers’ traditional routine (hailing a taxi on the street) to form a new habit (grabbing your smartphone to “call” one). What started out as a deliberate new choice to use a rideshare app, quickly turned into an automatic, or habitual, behavior.

This scenario perfectly illustrates our view of the consumer decision behavior spectrum: The Habitual-Deliberate Decision Loop. Disruption of consumer behavior seems to be happening at a faster and 

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