Giacomo Sartori

Giacomo is a Senior Quantitative Research Analyst, based in Rotterdam. With a background in statistics and marketing analytics, he works closely with clients across industries to activate better marketing strategies by developing innovative advanced analytics solutions. Giacomo holds a master’s degree in Management Science and Marketing Analytics from Lancaster University, United Kingdom.
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Why it's time to optimize your approach to brand trackers

By Giacomo Sartori on February 20, 2019

Explore a driver analysis solution for analyzing stated and unstated factors

Tracking studies provide extensive information on brand perceptions over time. They play an important role in understanding what influences consumers and professionals to make decisions. However, as these groups become more empowered and have more choices to consider, your approach to brand trackers needs to evolve as well.

Unfortunately, current research methods used to measure brand health don’t uncover what causes perceptions to change. Only by unlocking these specific insights can you truly understand what drives value in your market. Armed with the brand drivers, you can focus on the marketing strategies needed to optimize your brand perception.

We recommend brand driver analysis to gain these important insights. Here are some of the reasons

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