Joyce van Heeswijk

Joyce is a Research Director based in the Rotterdam office. With 10+ years of experience working with FMCG clients, she enjoys providing a wide variety insights to clients in the areas of communications, innovation and strategic pricing decisions. Joyce holds a Masters in Strategic Marketing from the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands) and MRS certificate obtained in 2010.
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Unilever shares journey with SKIM on mobile ready hero image design

By Joyce van Heeswijk on March 05, 2018

eCommerce success in the consumer goods category doesn’t happen overnight — it’s a journey

Defining a set of marketing guidelines that drive a measurable increase in sales is an incredible feat, never mind doing so for 2.5 billion smartphone users across the globe.

Yet that’s exactly what our client, and consumer goods giant, Unilever is tackling with the challenge of developing a consistent and cohesive set of mobile ready hero image guidelines for all brands, in all countries to follow with all retailers. When co-presenting with us at the OmniShopper International Conference, Oli Bradley, Unilever’s global e-commerce experience design director, shared details on his eCommerce journey. Here’s what we learned:

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