Maureen Arink

Maureen Arink is Senior Research Director at SKIM and brings over 20 years’ experience in market research, especially in the area of modeling choice behaviour in fast moving consumer goods markets. Her main expertise lies in pricing and portfolio management research. At SKIM, she has conducted over 400 conjoint-based studies and has been involved in several projects to develop and evaluate research techniques. Before joining SKIM, Maureen was researcher at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, where she has also completed her studies in Business Economics.
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The Long and Short of PepsiCo’s Promotion Strategy

By Maureen Arink on April 16, 2018

Discover the approach PepsiCo Benelux took to optimize the immediate and long-term impact of its promotions.

While short-term impacts on cash flow are often front of mind for the fast-moving consumer goods industry, after-sales dips and other aspects of sales recovery can prove detrimental to a brand’s financial health in the long run. Shopper insights managers looking to develop a promotions strategy with sustainable impact on sales and revenue growth, must be equipped with market research insights that address both the short-term and long-term impact of promotions.

This was the challenge PepsiCo Benelux faced with its savoury snacks, nuts and cereals categories, all of which are under constant pressure from competition.

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The promotion paradox

By Maureen Arink on October 19, 2015

Offering price discounts on consumer goods seems to be a quick answer to tough competition and to consumers who are more demanding and price sensitive these days. Many times our clients ask us which promotion strategy is most effective in driving share. However, the answer for short term sales boost is different from the one that maintains your brand’s financial health. Let us explain in this article what type of promotion offers the best long term effect.

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