Robin de Rooij

Robin is Senior Director, Asia Pacific. He holds over 10 years of expertise in translating business problems into customized research solutions. Passionate about new approaches, he also leads SKIM's Net Revenue Management solutions which support pricing and product portfolio optimization decisions. Robin holds a Master’s degree in International Business & Management from the University of Groningen.
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How pricing research is helping FMCG brands fight inflation in developing countries

By Robin de Rooij on February 25, 2019

When inflation hits, your pricing strategy inevitably feels the pressure. On the one hand, raising product prices will protect margins. On the other, you can’t risk pricing yourself out of the market. When consumers feel this pressure, their spending habits are likely to change, especially in developing countries and high-inflation regions.

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Why marketing should take back ownership of pricing

By Robin de Rooij on March 19, 2017

Setting the right price is one of the best ways to positively impact a company’s bottom line. Yet, price-setting is not always top-of-mind nor owned by a single department within a company. This holds true across industries, whether it is consumer goods, healthcare, telecom, finance or technology. Sometimes Marketing takes responsibility for pricing, while other times Finance takes on the task. Often, we find that there exists no pricing strategy at all in companies, and thus, no clear ownership of pricing responsibility.

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Understanding sales promotions

By Robin de Rooij on August 28, 2011

During harsh economic environments, companies have to make deliberate choices on how to invest marketing budgets to optimize profits. Especially in the competitive FMCG industry promotions are often used as a tool to increase sales. However, what is the most effective type of promotion? And what are the implications of these promotions on your overall product portfolio revenues?

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