Join us on a journey into the future, where even 5 years from now, many of today’s challenges of insights specialists will no longer be challenges. But, how will we evolve?

Being able to get answers immediately by simply searching online has changed everyone’s expectations, also in the business world. With that comes the growing need and desire to get insights immediately, without taking away from the solidity of the solutions.

SKIM Chairman, Dirk Huisman, is sharing 5 converging trends in insights generation that will define the 2020 reality for market research and how insights specialists can and will implement these changes to make it happen. He concludes that in 2020 the converging trends will result in a significant change in the way insight specialists will operate and function and that the insights’ services and the way services are provided will change drastically.

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Dirk Huisman

Written by Dirk Huisman

Chairman SKIM Holding

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