How to better uncover emotions in early-stage innovation research

By Judith Suttrup on November 15, 2019

Exploring voice analytics in new product development research with Johnson & Johnson

Have you ever conducted early-stage innovation research and found yourself in a situation where you don’t entirely trust what consumer feedback is telling you? Many of us have had to deal with overstated interest and the need to dig deeper into unmet needs.

Uncovering both rational and emotional needs is vital for new product development (NPD) strategies - to accurately size the unmet need or opportunity for innovations. However, what is the best insights approach?

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From Rx to OTC drugs: Challenges for marketing and market research

By Robert Dossin on May 05, 2011

In light of increasing patent expiration rates, a switch from Rx to OTC proves to be a successful counter-strategy against generic erosion. As a result, marketers face challenges entering a new competitive environment. Our Consumer Health team has valuable experience in bridging the knowledge gap between healthcare and consumer markets to facilitate your decision making process.

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