How Nestlé is shaking up the coffee shelf with Starbucks

By Joey Ophof on November 20, 2019

Exploring a virtual shelf approach to launching a premium brand

In 2018, Nestlé signed a $7.2 billion deal to market, sell and distribute Starbucks' packaged products outside of the company’s cafes, providing Starbucks at home. With high brand recognition, Starbucks would clearly make an impact at the coffee shelf. However, one of Nestlé’s European insights team saw an opportunity to rethink the crowded grocery store shelf to drive even more growth – for Nestlé and its customers.

Albert van Meeteren, Nestlé’s Head of Consumer and Shopper Insights and Analytics, wanted to see how they could best launch Starbucks in a “new and innovative” way in Dutch supermarkets by focusing on in-store execution.

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Ready for the next stage of pricing research?

By Stefan Ammerlaan on November 08, 2019

Exploring a data-fusion approach for holistic pricing decisions

Whether you’re introducing a new SKU or reacting to a market change, managing your pricing strategy can often feel like a complicated balancing act.

You know solid revenue decisions should be grounded in sound data, but that input often comes from a variety of sources and stakeholders.

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How VodafoneZiggo optimized its portfolio by better predicting consumer choices online

By Wessel Roose on August 09, 2019

Understanding decision-making and choice overload in crowded markets

In today’s highly competitive telecommunications market, consumers face an abundance of choices online. To thrive in this environment, your product portfolio strategy should be optimized based on how decision-making is changing. You need to know how customers identify the best carrier and plan for their needs. And that’s where the most accurate customer and market insights can help.

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How pricing research is helping FMCG brands fight inflation in developing countries

By Robin de Rooij on February 25, 2019

When inflation hits, your pricing strategy inevitably feels the pressure. On the one hand, raising product prices will protect margins. On the other, you can’t risk pricing yourself out of the market. When consumers feel this pressure, their spending habits are likely to change, especially in developing countries and high-inflation regions.

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Optimizing subscription pricing with a new approach to segmentation research

By Wessel Roose on February 06, 2019

Today’s subscription economy not only presents consumers with more choices, but also more personalized experiences. For telecom, tech and online brands these heightened expectations place even greater pressure on maximizing the revenue per user.

Whereas in the past you could position your products and services based on traditional demographic insights, those rules no longer apply today -- especially when it comes to pricing.

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How online leader funda’s subscription pricing will help steady revenue stream

By Wessel Roose on December 17, 2018

Using a subscription pricing model to lay stable foundations

Funda is the top online real estate platform in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. It’s been described as the “Amazon of houses” in its homeland, because it’s said that almost every house that’s sold in the country will have been advertised on its platform first.

The online leader generates revenue by charging realtors to promote residential and commercial inventory on its platform. When there are more homes than buyers, properties are advertised longer and funda sees revenue soar. However, when the market is booming, properties sell quickly, listings come and go on the platform, and revenues dip.

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